Agriculture businesses such as farms, dairies, and other livestock production are dependent on their electrical systems. Milking machines, water pumps, irrigation systems, heating and cooling being inefficient or breaking down can significantly increase operation costs.


HVAC systems are essential for keeping buildings at optimal temperatures for human comfort. Commercial buildings can have complex requirements and need much more power to run, often requiring their own circuits. These systems also endure more work than residential homes, meaning higher wear and tear. Inefficient heating and cooling can cause energy bills to be significantly higher.
An electrical control panel is typically a metal box or enclosure that contains important electrical components that control and monitor a number of mechanical processes and industrial equipment. A control panel is an energized system that requires maintenance. Control panels come in varying shapes and sizes from a small wall-mounted box to rows of cabinets and may contain main circuit breaker, transformer, terminal blocks, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), contactors, network switches and various other components.
Emergency power is required by codes for systems whose operations are essential for life safety. Life safety systems are required to be on an emergency power system. This includes lighting of egress paths, power for sprinkler pumps, and power to fire alarm systems.
Wiring is subject to safety standards for design and installation and sometimes need to be replaced or upgraded. Equipment rewiring includes replacing the electrical wiring of an electronic device or equipment, and associated devices such as switches, distribution boards, sockets, and light fittings in a structure.
Determine the purpose for the generator: is it for life safety or optional standby? Understand local codes for sound ordinances and emission controls, then select fuel type: diesel, natural gas or propane. Generators are available in a range of quality, from economical to high-end.
Discover energy-saving devices to save and store energy, efficiently, while using devices that provide lighting, heating and cooling.
Low voltage is generally considered to be less than 50 volts, with little or no risk of fire or shock. Examples of low voltage wiring systems include alarm systems, security systems, and fire alarms.
Identifying faults in an electric circuit or system, understanding the underlying cause and making repairs.

Smart Tech

Fiber optics is a technology used with voice and data communications infrastructure to transmit data and information as pulses of light deployed in long-distance and high-performance data networking.
With increased connectivity, smart electrical equipment and streamlined communications, IoT (Internet of Things) has the potential to affect nearly every industry, including automated factory robots, security, lighting systems, and machinery.
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is an industrial computer used to control manufacturing processes, including assembly lines, machines, and robots. A. PLC continuously monitors the state of input devices and makes decisions based on a custom program. When choosing a PLC, consider whether the system will be AC or DC power, run fast enough and with enough memory to handle program requirements, network connectivity requirements, system location, type of software, etc.
A wireless control is an electronic device used to operate another device from a distance. A wireless access controller takes the bandwidth produced by a router and spreads it across a network according to need. Wireless network access points are devices that host and control the wireless connection for laptops, tablets, or smart phones.


Keyless entry systems, also known as remote central locking, use an electronic device that controls the entry to a building. The use of keyless locks has become increasingly common. Available in a variety of forms, access can be gained with pin pads, key cards, electromagnetic fobs, fingerprint recognition and facial recognition. We will help you determine the right keyless door entry system for your business, commercial building, or office.
The demand for wireless networking is increasing rapidly. Networking involves the linking of computers and electronic systems to allow them to operate interactively and share information.
Monitor your home or business by installing a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system. Our experienced electricians do an excellent job of installing both wired and wireless security cameras. From traditional security cameras to motion-activated with with smartphone integration.


Outdoor lighting that illuminates buildings, parking lots, right-of-ways, walking paths and other structures. Enhances appearance and increases safety. Examples of exterior lighting include landscape lighting, architectural lighting, spotlights, floodlights, wall packs, sports fields, etc.
The main types of indoor lighting are general, ambient, mood, task and accent used to achieve practical or aesthetic effects. Good lighting changes and transforms a space. A successful and flexible lighting design will typically have a mix of decorative and architectural lighting.

Green Energy

Harness the power of the sun. Hubbartt Electric provides full off-grid solar solution options with battery back-up, or with solar with battery back-up and generator. Solar charges the battery for off-grid night use. Solar helps to secure your energy independence. From a return on investment proposal to a simple system design to a complete finished solution, Hubbartt Electric will help you harness the power of the sun.

New Construction

Electrical design entails planning, creating, testing, or supervising the development and installation of electrical equipment, including lighting equipment, power systems, power distribution, fire and life safety systems, electronic components, and voice and data communications infrastructure.